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Emergency Services Available

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Help! My Heat Pump Isn’t Blowing Hot Air

Young woman shivering during the winter season

Heat pumps are becoming more and more popular in the Pacific Northwest. Our mild year-round climate makes a heat pump an ideal option for homeowners. Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, allowing you to use it as a heating system in the winter and as an air conditioner in the summer.

But sometimes a heat pump won’t blow hot air when it’s in heating mode. What gives? There’s nothing more frustrating than a heat pump that won’t heat your home on a cold, rainy day. Here are 4 signs that you need heat pump repair in Arlington, WA.

The Reversing Valve Is Broken

The reversing valve is the essential piece that allows a heat pump to provide both heating and cooling. This valve controls the flow of refrigerant. The direction the refrigerant moves is what causes it to be able to heat and cool. 

If the valve is stuck, damaged, or broken and the heat pump is only outputting cold air, this important piece could very well be the cause. This is actually a fairly common issue we see in heat pumps and luckily, this is a fairly easy fix for our team as we can switch it out for a new one.

There’s a Refrigerant Leak

A heat pump essentially works like an air conditioner, using the same technology and relying on refrigerant to function. Just like when an air conditioner develops a leak and won’t output cold air, the same thing can cause a heat pump in heating mode to not output hot air.

Leaks can arise for the same reasons they occur in AC systems. These reasons include corrosion, worn-down seals or valves, an aging system, wear and tear, pinhole leaks, and others. 

Unfortunately, this problem won’t get better on its own. It’s also dangerous to breathe in leaking refrigerant. Because it has no odor or color, you wouldn’t know you have a refrigerant leak until your heat pump shows signs of it such as when it won’t output any heat. Schedule service with us so we can repair this issue ASAP.

The Air Filter Is Clogged

The first thing you should check when your heat pump isn’t putting out any hot air is the air filter. What was the last time you changed it or cleaned it? If it’s been more than a few months, this could very well be the culprit.

A dirty, clogged air filter will restrict how much air enters the heat pump to be heated. When there’s not enough airflow, your heat pump will struggle to put out hot air in the winter and cold air in the summer.  Change out the filter for a new one to see if that fixes the problem, then change it every 1-3 months.

The Thermostat Is Miscalibrated

A miscalibrated thermostat is an easy fix for our team. Sometimes the thermostat becomes miscalibrated and is unable to properly read the temperature of your home. If it thinks your home is warmer than it actually is, it won’t heat it up properly.

Contact Cozy Heating Inc. to schedule heat pump repair in Arlington, WA. We Won’t Quit Until You’re Cozy.

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