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bob morrison's Profile Image
bob morrison, Yesterday

Alex efficiently checked the system, found a weak part that could have failed during winter heating. He was able to answer the few questions I had.

Zhang Tarrant's Profile Image
Zhang Tarrant, Yesterday

We had a non functioning furnance and called Cozy heating, they were able to send a technician within two working days. Tristan the technician was super knowledgable and found that a bird stuck in the engine inhaler is culprit. He explained all the diagnostics to the system and fixed it in no time and also provided super helpful suggestions to future prevent. Super transparent with the charing. Would definitely come back to Cozy if we ever needed services.

Regena Weber's Profile Image
Regena Weber, This week

Nick was so good and personable for my return service.

Danielle Nobis's Profile Image
Danielle Nobis, Last week

Wonderful experience, honest quality work! Would recommend!

Danielle N's Profile Image
Danielle N, Last week

Very happy with Cozy Heating! Wonderful, honest, quality work! Would absolutely recommend!

ralph nelles's Profile Image
ralph nelles, This month

Promt and knowledgeable

GOLD's Profile Image
GOLD, This month
Danette Klemens's Profile Image
Danette Klemens, This month

Cozy Heating has done a fantastic job meeting the needs of our business!

Kendall Baroh's Profile Image
Kendall Baroh, Last month

I am so happy with cozy heating, I called Monday morning they got me in Tuesday. The office had a cancellation in the morning and we're able to come out sooner than expected! Stephan the technician was very professional and was able to fix our A/C unit in a timely manner. This was our first time using Cozy and we will definitely be working with them again!!

D Wyatt (AudreyJean)'s Profile Image
D Wyatt (AudreyJean), This year

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