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Emergency Services Available

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The 50% Rule for Replacing Your Furnace


Your furnace has been reliable for as long as you can remember. Sure, it needs a repair now and again, and there’s that annual maintenance appointment you have to pencil in, but it’s always there for you… until now. You called for repairs and just got hit with a big estimate, so what do you do?

This is when it’s time to consider furnace replacement in Arlington, WA, at least, depending on how high that bill is. Today, we’ll talk to you about the 50% rule of thumb that many homeowners go by, and why it’s a good idea to adopt it.

The Basics of the 50% Rule

If you get an estimate for furnace repair, and that amount is 50% or more than the cost to get a brand-new furnace installed, it’s time to replace it. There are a few reasons for this:

  • It’s old: New furnaces don’t need that kind of large-scale, expensive repair. Your furnace has simply been hit with so much wear and tear over the years that it’s time to sunset it. Fingers crossed that it lasted between the expected 10-15 years.
  • It’s inefficient: Even if your furnace is in working condition right now, even if you’ve been good at maintaining that annual tune-up schedule, it’s not as efficient as a new furnace. Partially because newer furnaces have more energy-efficient technology, and partially because they’ve not gone through the wear and tear that your current furnace has.
  • It’s not the last repair: If you go through with repairs, it’s not like it’s the last time you’ll ever have to repair this furnace. This expensive repair isn’t going to offset all other repairs for years to come. Your furnace is dying, and it would be a money sink to foot this bill when you could replace it instead.

How You Start Saving With a Replacement

When your furnace receives an “ON” signal from the thermostat, it fires up until the house is heated up sufficiently, and then it powers down. This is referred to as a single heating cycle, and your furnace will go through many heating cycles every single day.

An older furnace spends more time on each heating cycle simply because it’s inefficient, and a furnace with broken components (but one that still runs) will likely take even longer to finish that cycle. Every second that it’s on, it costs you money. That replacement runs less often, so you’ll see an immediate reduction in your energy bills every single month.

Replace With the Best

Our technicians are standing by and ready to schedule your furnace replacement if the repair is simply too much. We’ll help you find the best furnace for your home and your budget, and get a solution put in place before you know it. We both know it’s time to replace that old furnace–this is your sign to schedule a replacement right now.

Contact Cozy Heating Inc. to schedule heat pump repair in Arlington, WA. We Won’t Quit Until You’re Cozy.

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