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Popular HVAC Equipment and Options

Have you thought about your HVAC equipment and what accessories you can add to your homes heating and cooling options?

Here are some popular HVAC categories, accessories and monitors.

Popular HVAC Equipment and Options

HVAC categories

· Gas fired furnaces

· Oil fired furnaces

· Electric Furnaces

· Air conditioners

· Heat pumps (air source)

· Heat pumps (water source)

· Heat pumps (geothermal)

· Ductless split systems

· Air handlers

· Evaporator coils

· Packaged units

· Boilers

· Electric Heating (various)

· Chillers

· Cooling towers

· Air duct systems

HVAC accessories

· Smart thermostats

· Media air cleaners

· HEPA air cleaners

· Electronic air cleaners

· Evaporative humidifiers

· Steam humidification

· Whole house humidifier

· UV and air coil purifiers

· Ion generators

· Enthalpy recovery ventilation

· Heat recovery ventilation

· HVAC system zoning

· Economizers

· IAQ monitoring

· Allergy friendly insulation

Air and IAQ Monitors: Core categories for sensor measuring

· Carbon monoxide

· Particulate matter

· Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs)

· Humidity

· Formaldehyde

· Radon

We have the ability to monitor for these things and plenty of products and services to mitigate these problems.

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