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HVAC replacement and what to expect.

What can you expect when you have your HVAC unit replaced?

First step in getting your HVAC replaced is to set up an in-home visit with one of our comfort consultants to discuss all your options. We will create one or more proposals for review. Once you have had time to review and decide which plan suits your needs, the final step is to sign the proposal and send in your deposit. We will check on equipment availability and place an order. Based on availability, we can now get you on schedule. You will soon be enjoying your brand-new system!

When installing a new system, will all of the ductwork need to be replaced?

When your comfort consultant visits, he can look at the existing ductwork and explain your options. Many times, existing ductwork will only need to be altered slightly to accommodate the new system. We do have options to upgrade existing ductwork if you choose to do so. For example, many homes currently have “flex ducting”. This can be upgraded to a more efficient “rigid (metal) ducting”. Your consultant can explain the differences and advantages at your visit.

Does your installer have to replace your thermostat when they replace your HVAC unit?

This will depend on your current thermostat. Many of the

new systems are much more advanced than they used to be and require “smart” or “communicating” thermostats. There are also wi-fi thermostats that can be controlled remotely with a phone or computer. This can be especially helpful if you travel frequently or spend your winters in warmer weather. They can also alert you to possible breakdowns. What if you are out of town and the heat stops working during freezing weather? You can receive alerts while out of town if your system fails. Give us a call and we can take care of things, allowing you to continue enjoying your time away.

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