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Emergency Services Available

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It’s Time to Schedule Fall Heating Maintenance

Technician looking over a gas furnace with a flashlight before cleaning it.

Fall is officially here in the Pacific Northwest. The kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing color, and it’s getting cold outside. It’s also the time of year when you should schedule heating system maintenance if you haven’t done so already. 

Heater and furnace tune-ups are absolutely necessary here in the Pacific Northwest where the heating season can last from September until May–and even into June! Scheduling maintenance of your home’s heating systems is how to keep your systems running at peak performance during our extended heating season. Here are the benefits of getting heating maintenance in Arlington, WA. 

Avoid Interruptions in Service

Maintenance is the best way to ensure your heater makes it through the heating season without an interruption in service. That’s because a heater that’s received a tune-up is in tip-top shape and ready to face whatever fall, winter, and spring throw your way. 

And breakdowns never happen when it’s convenient. You don’t want to run the risk of being without your heating system during a holiday when the whole family is supposed to come over for dinner, when the forecast calls for an extended cold spell, or when you’re hosting a game day event.

Avoid Unnecessary Repairs

Here’s a statistic every homeowner should be aware of: 80% of the repairs we make on HVAC systems could’ve been prevented by routine maintenance. During a tune-up, our service technicians assess your entire system, looking for any small issues that could become major headaches when they’re not addressed early. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from feeling that you’re less likely to be stuck with a costly and unexpected heating repair. 

Avoid High Utility Bills

Here’s another important estimate to remember: the average furnace loses 5% of its energy efficiency every year when annual maintenance is skipped. A maintenance appointment practically pays for itself when you consider how much more you’ll save with decreased utility bills. 

Avoid Unsafe Operation

Although gas furnaces have many safety features to ensure they’re not a danger to your home, it doesn’t mean they’re 100% trustworthy. Although furnace malfunctions are rare, they can happen, which poses a health and safety concern because of the risk of carbon monoxide leaks.

Avoid Jeopardizing the Warranty

If your heating system is still under warranty, one of the stipulations of the warranty includes having it maintained on a regular basis. Your heater is a major investment and the last thing you want to do is jeopardize the warranty that protects it in the event that something goes wrong. You could be stuck with a costly repair bill that the warranty would’ve covered if you’d met the stipulations. 

Avoid an Early System Replacement

A furnace has a 10-15 year estimated lifespan. However, that life expectancy only applies to systems that receive routine maintenance every year. Avoid having to replace your expensive heating system early by scheduling a tune-up every year.

Contact Cozy Heating Inc. to schedule heating maintenance in Arlington, WA. We Won’t Quit Until You’re Cozy. 

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