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Toni Boczkiewicz, Two years ago

We just had a Daikin multi room ductless heat pump installed in 4 rooms this week by Cozy Heating. Steven Maisch was our contact person. He was very good at keeping us informed as the project progressed from ordering the equipment and scheduling for the install. Except for the 1st appointment having to be rescheduled due to no crew available everything went according to plan. The crew showed up on time. They were very respectful and wore masks and booties when in the house. They even vacuumed up the dust when they were all done. They took the time to answer our questions about operating the system too. I was also impressed with Steven calling today to ask how the install went. He wants to come by in a couple of days to answer any more questions and to get the serial numbers off the units to sign us up for the manufacturer's warranty. Highly recommend their services!

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T K, Two years ago

Terry was terrific, he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable! He really saved us as we have a baby and had a cold house now we are nice and warm! Thank you Terry!!!

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David barker, Two years ago
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Shawn B, Two years ago
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Ed Tell, Two years ago

Very nice tech and went directly to the problem. I highly recommend them.

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Glen Bishop, Two years ago

Cozy has an awesome team

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Lyresa, Two years ago

Called them in the morning to fix my furnace and everything was fixed up by 2pm the same day. Chris Stanton was on time super polite, so patient with all my questions(even though some were irrelevant to my current situation. He took the time to show me how to change my own filter if I chose to as well as what size and type to get. Changed my thermostat out for me even though that wasn't even what I had called for and even adjusted my vents for me that the original owners had put in wrong just to give me easier access next time. All this and he helped make sure we didn't break the bank. ????Patience of a saint and manners any Mom would be proud of. Even after all the extra things I asked for(poor guy) he still took the time to show me the ins and outs of the new thermostat, how to open it up, change the batteries and how to play with all the settings.The only thing I wish was that he could be my plumber, roofer and electrician too. ????

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John Grabowski, Two years ago

Terry was the best! He was very professional did a very thorough job and removed his shoes before he came in my house. He was awesome and I hope he does the service next time I need it!

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Patty Gadwa Kelly, 3+ years ago

If anyone needs a recommendation for furnace repair, I can recommend Cozy Heating in Arlington!! Our furnace broke Sunday night. With cold temperatures looming ahead this week, we called Cozy Heating first thing Monday morning. We were able to get an appointment the same day!! The service man arrived at 2:39pm and fixed our problem and left at 3:15pm!! Awesome service Cozy Heating!!!

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Vanessa Peña, 3+ years ago

Fast. Reliable and fair priced.

Proudly Serving the Arlington, WA Area