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Emergency Services Available

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3 Common Furnace Problems


You’ve been relying on your heating system for quite a while now. And unfortunately, you’ll likely need to keep relying on it for a few more months. It’s at this point in the heating season that you’ll start noticing that your furnace’s performance may be suffering. Perhaps you’ve ignored a heating bill that’s higher than normal or your furnace seems to be taking forever to heat your home. 

But if you want your furnace to make it through the heating season, these signs that it needs professional attention from our team shouldn’t be ignored. Doing so means running the risk of your furnace breaking down completely on the next snow day, or facing a costly repair that could’ve been a minor fix. Let’s go over 3 common furnace problems that usually occur later in the heating season.

1. Short Cycling

Short cycling becomes apparent when you notice that your furnace seems to be running all the time, but your home is taking forever to heat up. That’s because your furnace is unable to complete a heating cycle. Something is interfering with its ability to heat your home, and what you’re hearing is it turning on and off again as it tries to reach the temperature on the thermostat. 

There are many different issues that can cause short cycling such as a blocked exhaust vent, a clogged air filter, an ignition problem, or a clogged flue. Short cycling is something that one of our technicians will need to fix promptly. Letting it continue will result in high utility bills, decreased home comfort, and eventually, a full system breakdown. It’s also incredibly hard on your furnace due to the constant wear and tear. 

2. Unusual Noises

Strange and sudden furnace noises are definitely a cause for concern. If your once-quiet furnace is making a ruckus, it’s a surefire sign that something is amiss. Certain noises usually mean specific problems.

  • Grinding or metal-on-metal noises can mean there’s a part that has come loose or that the lubrication between moving parts has worn down. 
  • A continuous clicking noise can mean that there’s an ignition problem.
  • A booming or banging noise can also indicate a problem with the ignition system in a gas furnace. 
  • Shrieking or screeching noises could be caused by a loose fan belt. 

Not only are loud noises alarming, they’re also caused by issues that should be fixed promptly to avoid an even costlier repair. 

3. Weak or Lukewarm Airflow

Does it seem like your home is taking longer than usual to achieve the set temperature on the thermostat? Try holding your hand up to one of the vents when the furnace is running. Is the flow of air strong and decidedly hot? If it’s weak and/or lukewarm, then your furnace is struggling to generate enough warmth. Try changing the air filter to see if that improves both the airflow and the temperature. If not, it’ll require attention from our team. 

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